How Globalization Affects the Workplace

As companies reach across country borders and globalization of the workplace becomes the new norm, businesses must continually adapt to changes. Professionals must learn to communicate differently. Business processes are continually adjusted to accommodate the growing number of different cultures and nationalities that organizations work with. Companies who are evolving with this shift have a competitive advantage over those who don’t. So let’s look at the many trends we are beginning to see in globalized workplaces.

Globalization and the Growth of Cultural Diversity

Although an increase in cultural diversity in the workplace may create issues, it also provides opportunities that may benefit companies. While organizations find it necessary to adopt new communication processes and policies with an increasingly diversified workforce, they also gain insight into different cultures that may then be targeted from a sales and marketing perspective. People from different cultures also bring different viewpoints and ideas to the table, boosting creativity and potential for company growth.

Globalization and Changes in Wages

When companies expand overseas to countries with a lower standard of living, they gain access to products and services at a much lower cost. Because of this, an increasing number of companies outsource. Although good for businesses, this can result in lower wages for workers.

Coaching and Training

The more diversity that exists in the workplace due to globalization, the greater the need for coaching and training employees. Workers from different backgrounds may have trouble connecting with each other. Cultural competency training is now necessary so employees have the tools to work efficiently and effectively with different cultures. Ensuring that your company is open-minded and appreciative of different viewpoints fosters the best working environment for company-wide success. Cross-cultural training is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get there.

Higher Standards

With better outsourcing options and people being globally connected through technology, there is an increasing awareness of issues around the world. There is a push for worker health and safety and many companies are hard-pressed to comply with these higher standards set by customers and competitors. Better working conditions are becoming more of a priority nowadays thanks to the globalization of the workplace.


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