Global LT, Inc. wins TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® Award

EricTMIGroupAwardMay 2, 2016 – Global LT, Inc. is pleased to announce that we received TheMIGroup’s 2015 award for Global Relocation Service Partner of the Year.

TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® Awards are based on a set of evaluation criteria designed to quantify our Partners’ quality service performance and have quickly become a benchmark for excellence in the Global Relocation Industry. The Awards recognize the achievements and outstanding service delivery excellence of TheMIGroup’s network providers over the past year. This year’s winners excelled in all areas evaluated and consistently demonstrated high quality service and a desire to exceed expectation.

This year’s Award Ceremonies were hosted by TheMIGroup’s Dwayne Waldrop, vice president, supply chain management; Theresa Banbor, team leader, supply chain management; Ida Ceravolo, vice president, quality; Debbie Clack, vice president, client services & administration; Damian Dooley, team leader, client services & administration; and Phil Tremblay, vice president, immigration & compliance. In addition Elaine Hery, managing partner of ERES Relocation Services and chairperson of TheMIGroup International Partner Advisory Council spoke to the group.

In receiving TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® Award, Global LT, Inc. reinforces its commitment and dedication to delivering high-quality services, not only to TheMIGroup’s clients, but also to all our clients and their employees.

Global LT, formerly Langua Tutor, was founded in 1979 and for over 35 years, our mission has been to empower corporate employees to live and work successfully anywhere in the world with our language and cultural training, translation and interpretation services as well as expatriate destination and global workforce talent development programs.

Headquartered in Troy, Michigan, with representatives in Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, London and Shanghai, Global LT employs over 100 corporate employees worldwide, with a dedicated network of over 2000 tutors, translators, trainers and specialist who deliver our services. To learn more visit for more information or call + 1.888.645.5881

About TheMIGroup
Founded in 1978, TheMIGroup is a leading provider of global relocation management solutions. We offer a full range of relocation solutions including Domestic and International Services, Compensation and Consulting Services – from total assignment management to individual services for transferees, expatriates or individuals on the move. With full service business units strategically located throughout The Americas, Europe and Asia, and with TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® located in over 150 countries, we have the capacity and capability to provide professional services across all time zones. For more information, visit

For more information, please contact:
Global LT’s Marketing Department
Phone: +1 (248) 786-0999

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