Expatriate & Repatriate Training


Expatriate Training

Today’s global economy requires personnel to either move or travel frequently to other countries. Whether your company has short-term business travelers, expatriates, or both, it is critical that individuals are well versed on how to conduct themselves and communicate appropriately in this diverse work environment. To meet this demand, Global LT provides expatriate training in language and culture, coaching and consulting for expats and their families, and for short-term business travelers.

International assignees and their families often experience culture shock when they integrate into a new cultural environment and reverse culture shock when they go through repatriation. To ensure a smooth transition, Global LT uses an international network of professional trainers to assist each participant by creating awareness, minimizing conflict and maximizing productivity through customized learning approaches, which are convenient and personalized to each individual or group.

Features of our training programs can include:

  • Expatriate training on any country
  • Training in the assignee’s native languages available per request
  • Various modes of delivery
  • Child and young adult programs
  • Qualified trainers with extensive cultural, business and/or industry experience
  • Flexible scheduling with delivery at the home or office

Expatriate Training Programs to choose from:

Cultural Assessment Tools

  • The Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI©)
  • The Peterson Cultural Style Indicator
  • TMA World’s Country Navigator
  • The Discovering Diversity Profile

Preparing for Global Assignment: Departure & Return

  • Expatriate Orientation, Country Specific (60+ countries)
  • Expatriate Repatriation
  • Short Term Assignees: Online Consultation

Try our Cultural Self-Assessment Tool!

Need a way to measure an individual’s cultural adaptability, flexibility or readiness for a work assignment abroad? Global LT’s Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI™) tool provides insight into an employee’s ability to adapt culturally to a new environment through a self-evaluation of four skill areas: emotional resilience, flexibility and openness, perceptual acuity and personal autonomy.

Cultural Assessment Tools

An effective Cultural Training Program must begin with introspection. Awareness of one’s own mind-set, expectations, and abilities are essential in determining where cultural connections and cultural gaps exist. When this insight is achieved, training is highly personal and participative. New knowledge and information about the others’ beliefs, behaviors and values are learned and examined through vivid and practical comparison.

Expatriate Training

Our expatriate training programs are designed to prepare expatriate assignees and their families for the adjustment to daily life, culture and business situations in their destination country. Topics covered in expatriate training include:

  • Cultural Differences/Culture Shock
  • Business Practices
  • Daily Life and City Specifics

Repatriation Training

Global LT’s repatriation training programs are designed to help repatriating employees and their families complete a gradual, successful reintegration as they re-enter their home community and workplace. Topics covered in repatriation training include:

  • Reverse culture shock
  • Personal finances
  • Shifting values
  • Applying new skills
  • Reintegration into the corporation

Contact us to request our Course Catalog and learn more about our expatriate-focused programs.

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“Our experience with Global LT has been a very positive one. Their attention to detail and quick follow up are two key attributes Global LT possesses that we greatly appreciate. When Global LT is involved, we have no doubt that our international employees will have a successful and comfortable transition to the U.S. for their assignments.”

Detroit Diesel

“Your employees picked up my needs during conversations and implemented them. I learned for example during my orientation tour, where I can find a stable for English horseback riding style, although I just mentioned that I like horses. Your employee, has at all times been very committed, helpful, competent and available for every question and problem. Your employees’ commitment exceeds the regular responsibilities! Thanks very much to all parties involved!”

Manuela – Corporate Relocation

“We have used Global LT for Language Training, Intercultural Training, Settling-in (including realtor) Services. We have found Global LT to be excellent / knowledgeable / professional in the services they provide, as well as flexible and very willing and able to customize to our expatriates’ needs. States we have used them in are Michigan, Alabama, New Jersey, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Florida, California,Georgia, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.”

Siemens Shared Services

“Our expectations were more than met and we feel very well prepared for the time in Chattanooga. We feel really welcome and look forward to our new “home on time”. Fears or uncertainties have existed prior to our pre-assignment trip are all eliminated now.”

Assignee Family relocating from Germany to Chattanooga, TN

“I am very happy with my instructor! She is very patient and her teaching skills are excellent. The idea of using small videos from the internet is helpful in enforcing what we learn during the class. Instructional material is fine and is relevant to learning conversation. May be the use of flash cards or cheat sheets could be helpful that I can refer after my class. Some basic writing can be introduced so we are a little familiar.”

Language Student in Singapore
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