For today's global companies, diversity and inclusion training is no longer a perk - it's a requirement!

Diversity and Inclusion Training

Through Global LT's diversity and inclusion programs, your company can provide employees, their families and your corporate group with the necessary tools to function, communicate and work more effectively in the global marketplace. Each of Global LT’s diversity training programs begin with a needs assessment intended to specifically address your unique needs, issues, and expectations. Whether you require training for an individual employee or a lunch-and-learn program for an entire group, Global LT can tailor a solution to complement your diversity and inclusion initiatives and exceed your expectations.

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Our Offerings:

  • Enhance your organizational processes by allowing your teams to embrace diversity and inclusion

Provide your team with the tools they need to eliminate communication barriers in a diverse environment

Guide your team leaders in building effective diverse teams

Address cultural differences and guide team members on how to bridge cultural gaps

Support cross-cultural team building efforts

Give you a competitive advantage within a multi-cultural landscape

In addition to Global LT’s Diversity & Inclusion Training offerings, we also have the ability to provide your organization with a comprehensive and robust Diversity Measurement Tool, Diversity Program Analytics and ROI Model for Diversity Training through our partner Hubbard & Hubbard, Inc.

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