Don’t Let Your Business Miss the Transcreation Trend

The market for content translation and interpreting services is rapidly growing.

Thanks to the expansion of communication and technology, it is one of the fastest rising industries in the United States. As the possibilities of the internet grow and the industry of marketing is flooded with digital outreach and web-based advertising, it is easier to reach markets that companies couldn’t dream of obtaining before the technological revolution. Today, there are very few boundaries for companies targeting foreign markets through their marketing efforts, and huge benefits to be gained from reaching out to new audiences.

Professional Voice-Over Talent

Why the voice talent you choose matters As technology improves and people are connecting more online, marketing strategies evolve as well. Consumers are attracted to convenience, so companies are beginning to look for paperless alternatives such as media and online content. More platforms are promoting online video, and videos are becoming a way for businesses

Interpreter vs. Translator: Which Should Your Business Use?

What if different languages didn’t exist? Wouldn’t business be so much simpler? Although this may be true, the existence of many languages provides the opportunity to create a competitive advantage in a global market. With the rise of globalization, overcoming the language barrier is more important than ever for businesses. Sometimes your only option is

translation in different languages

6 Language Translation Errors with Shocking Outcomes

Translation is a distinct skill set that qualified professionals work hard to develop on an expert level. The ability to speak multiple languages is much different from being able to successfully translate from language to language.  Professional Translators Jost Zetzsche and Nataly Kelly illustrate this with a glimpse into the riveting world of translation through