First Day

Your First Day as a Global LT Teacher

How to handle your First Day as a Global LT Language Teacher Starting a class with a new learner is exciting even if it can feel like there’s so much to do at the beginning. Don’t panic! Making a good first impression and getting your learner set up for a successful language program isn’t as

Intercultural Leadership

5 Tips to be a Successful Intercultural Leader

Globalization trends make it extremely likely that business leaders will need experience managing intercultural teams at some point. Working with people from different cultures, norms, and values has become common within most organizations. People and businesses are communicating virtually across regions that have never been accessible before, and although these new connections open up a


Real-life reading resources for language learners

When it comes to learning a language, your textbook isn’t the only reading resource you should be relying on. For most second language learners, the textbook is your main resource for new words, grammar, and cultural information. While textbooks can be a valuable resource to explain grammar and cultural background of a language, they don’t