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Corporate Language Training

Flexible Training Formats

Our Corporate Language Training Programs are offered in flexible formats to empower you, your employees and their families with the proficiency and fluency needed to be successful in over 60 languages.

Task-Based Instruction

Global LT’s task-based approach to language instruction promotes successful language learning through programs designed to equip each learner to perform specific personalized professional or everyday tasks in the target language. Instruction is adjusted according to the learner’s individual learning style and language learning needs.

Language Lessons Available Anywhere

We design our corporate language programs to accommodate each learner’s unique experience level, background and preferred mode of training. Lessons are scheduled around the learner’s availability and can take place at home, in the office, in a virtual classroom or in select locations at Global LT facilities.

Customized Learning Programs

Whether they have already had basic communication skills in their target language or are starting fresh, Global LT’s experienced instructors can create a targeted, personalized language program to satisfy your employees’ needs and goals.

Self-Paced Learning through Rosetta Stone

Global LT’s has partnered with worldwide language learning leader Rosetta Stone to offer our students Instructor-Led Language Training plus Rosetta Stone’s Catalyst Self-Paced Online Learning Tool. Rosetta Stone Catalyst enables Global LT learners to supplement their instructor-led lessons with activities and games that help reinforce their language skills.

Rosetta Stone Catalyst provides e-learning lessons designed for multiple learning levels that builds upon previously learned content, the interactive format enables learners to practice listening, speaking, and reading and the tool provides immediate feedback to the learner to reinforce language learning.

Multiple Modes of Training

Live instructor-led learning provides individuals or groups with live task-based language training from professional language instructors, delivered at their home, office or other preferred location. With expertise in more than 60 languages, Global LT designs targeted learning programs to meet the language objectives for each individual learner, group or corporate initiative.

Global LT’s dynamic GLT Connect™ instructor-led language programs combine the convenience of web-based learning with the benefits of live on-site training. Using a range of training methods and multimedia, GLT Connect™ leverages task-based teaching methods to create an effective learning experience for students.

To provide greater convenience and flexibility for busy professionals as well as cost-effectiveness for employers, Global LT offers blended language programs in more than two dozen languages. Combine two modes of language training – live, virtual or onsite instructor-led training program and a self-paced program – to create a tailored program targeted to meet your employee’s schedule and needs.

Global LT offers multiple options for learners to engage in self-paced language learning, including interactive, online language training tools for general and business language training programs in more than two dozen languages.

Our self-paced learning tools utilize one-of-a-kind technology to develop students’ speaking and listening comprehension skills in an interactive, dynamic way. Self-paced online programs are ideal for beginner to low intermediate students who wish to develop mid to high intermediate level proficiency skills in a target language.

Self-paced language training software supports your employees in learning basic conversation skills and cultural insights to communicate effectively as well as business communication skills in a number if languages. The software features:

  • Remote access
  • Accompanying mobile apps
  • A progressive learning approach focusing on conversational or business topics
  • Admin tools to track learner progress

Specialized Language Services

Unclear speech can make it difficult for non-native speakers to communicate effectively with their clients, colleagues or an international community.

Global LT’s Accent Reduction Programs can help you acquire the sounds of the target language and feel more confident in your language abilities. Our programs match students with certified speech-language pathologists, who use individual speech pattern analysis to create tailored Accent Reduction Programs.

Accent Reduction is designed to help students:

  • Identify and produce the sounds of the target language
  • Increase confidence when speaking
  • Refine their knowledge of their target language
  • Pronounce the sounds of their target language at the word, sentence, and conversational levels
  • Develop stress and intonation that resemble the speech of a native speaker

Global LT Immersion Programs incorporate the fundamental elements necessary for learners to begin speaking in the target language quickly, without investing a lot of time away from the home or office for an extended period of time. Throughout the lessons, in order to maximize learning, the teacher and learner speak only in the target language.

Learn in two weeks what others learn in two months! Immersion programs are only provided in the country of the target language.

In addition to our language training programs, Global LT offers a series of proprietary language assessment tests for businesses and individuals. Tests are based on guidelines from the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and are available in most languages, including Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Blended Language Training

Global LT is the leader in blended language training.

Our blended programs combine instructor-led onsite or virtual lessons with an accompanying self-paced online learning program.

Many learners benefit from a blended approach to language learning and we have found it accelerates results. To provide greater convenience and flexibility for busy professionals as well as cost-effectiveness for employers, Global LT offers these programs in more than two dozen languages.

GLT Connect Logo

GLT Connect™

Global LT’s dynamic GLT Connect™ virtual instructor-led language training programs combine the convenience of web-based learning with the benefits of onsite training. Using a range of training methods and media, GLT Connect™ leverages task-based teaching methods to create an effective learning experience for students. Companies interested in GLT Connect™ for business language training should provide students with:

  • A webcam
  • A microphone (to enable VoIP) or a telephone with teleconference capabilities
  • A reliable high-speed Internet connection
  • A pen mouse or a touch screen (recommended for non-Roman script languages)

GLT Connect™ instruction is available for learners of all proficiency levels.